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Discovering the Real Meaning of Love

Discovering the Real Meaning of Love - Life Notes to File

First and foremost I’m sorry if there was no activity in my blog in the past few weeks. While my blog was quiet there were some big things going on with me personally. My family from overseas and out-of-state visited me and we went on a road trip for a few days. It was a big adventure for us, which involved stops in four cities, visits to two rural farms, 2 boat rides, lots of food and many hours in

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A Lifestyle of Media Consumption

A Lifestyle of Media Consumption - Life Notes to File

S he opened her eyes slightly to take a peak at the large window covered in willowy fabric as white and as soft as the clouds. She pulled her blankets with both hands, bringing it close to her chin, and letting out a big sigh upon seeing the earliest light of day. A sigh that sounded louder at a time when the rest of the world seems to still be sleeping. She can’t help wondering why it can’t be like

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Nurturing Your Ideas

Nurturing Your Ideas - Life Notes to File

There’s something powerful about inspirational quotes, a small collection of words that can instantly uplift you or trigger a personal reflection. All around the Internet and social media, inspirational quotes have become more and more popular. You’ll find websites and blogs dedicated to collecting and sharing these quotes. The Rise and Fall of an Idea I’ve always had a particular fondness for inspirational quotes, even before the rise of social media. Back when I was a brand-new graduate student in

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The Parenthood Journey: What I Learned So Far

The Parenthood Journey What I Learned So Far - Life Notes to File

My parenthood journey was not quite what I expected it to be. Along the way, I’ve been learning lessons about life and about myself from the experiences that I’ve been going through. My son has been teaching me many lessons even at a very young age. Being a Parent is Hard Being a parent is the hardest role that I’ve taken on in my life. In my mind I thought I was more than ready to take care of another

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16 Potential Benefits of the Gratitude Habit

16 Potential Benefits of the Gratitude Habit - Life Note to File Blog

I’ve been hearing more and more conversations revolving around gratitude in recent times. This is not just the simple thank you that many of us say in response to another person’s kindness or good deeds towards us. But rather, what’s being encouraged is the habit of gratitude. This can be achieved by making an effort to regularly think about people, things and events that you’re grateful for. You can also create a gratitude lists or engage in gratitude journaling. You’ll

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