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9 Secrets to a Meaningful and Happy Life from Around the World

happy life

Ever wondered what secret Danish people have to a happy life for them to be ranked as one of the happiest people on earth? It was a clear sunny day in May when my family arrived in the city of Copenhagen. Even though I planned everything to a tee, it took us a while to get our bearings when we got to the arrivals hall at Kastrup (Copenhagen airport). It’s been a long time since we last travelled overseas so

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A Roadblock to Your Pursuit of Happiness

pursuit of happiness

In 1951, a 21-year old young man just graduated from the Columbia University with a masters degree and $9,800 to his name. As a child, this man already possessed strong business acumen and has earned money from selling gum, sodas, golf balls, stamps, and newspapers. Before he could even reach the age of 18, he already ran a pinball machine business and has invested in stocks and in a 40-acre farm. This young man’s name is Warren Buffett. In one of his

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On Becoming a Mom and Why I’m Changing My Story

becoming a mom

Becoming a mom has changed me and my life. I’m grateful for my family and I’ve been blessed in so many ways. But I can’t ignore that I’ve also experienced some pains when I became a new mom. In this personal story, I would like to recognize those pains. I hope that this can help you look within yourself and reflect on how you see your own stories.   About five years ago, I received the best news of my

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50 Powerful Life Lessons from the Best Self-Improvement Blogs

life lessons

Each one of us have our own life lessons to share. Whether you’re a teacher, doctor, mom, caregiver, or a writer and blogger, those life lessons that you have learned matters and have the potential to guide the lives of others. In this blog post, I would like to share with you 50 powerful life lessons that I have learned on the following topics from the best self-improvement blogs: Meaningful Living Passion and Purpose Goals and Dreams Life Lessons Self-improvement

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When Patience Is a Virtue

patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue! These are the words that I’ve recently been catching myself uttering like a monk singing a Gregorian chant. The audience is none other than my son, whenever he gets frustrated. When he wants something from me and doesn’t get it immediately, he’ll start whining and (literally) grinding. As soon as this starts, I’ll immediately ask him, “Don’t you know how to wait?” But when it’s my turn to ask for something, like when I ask him

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