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31 Daily Quotes to Get You Through Your Day

daily quotes

A few weeks ago, as I prepare to start writing for this blog, I became overwhelmed with panic that I’ve run out of wonderful stories to tell you. All that’s left of me were miserable emotions brought about by a series of unfortunate current events. Back then, I’ve been unwell from a persistent infection that seemed to have traveled through half of my anatomy. An infection that acted like an insecurity that came out of nowhere and has been lingering

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When to Open the Door When Opportunity Knocks: The “Will Smith Moment”

when opportunity knocks

When opportunity knocks, do you know when to open the door? Some days ago, I got a call from a good old friend. For his privacy, let’s call him Arthur. Arthur was in a coffee shop when he called me. He’s actually in a coffee shop most days because he works in sales, which means that his work takes him everywhere. Arthur considers coffee shops, restaurants, or even his car, as his “office”. So while he’s in his “office”, Arthur called

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The Best Way to Learn and 15 Quotes on Life Lessons

quotes on life lessons

There’s a treasure trove of life lessons that we can all learn from. But what is the best way to learn the most important life lessons? Failure is a Great Teacher It was late in the afternoon and I had become increasingly annoyed and nervous. I was slumped in the carpeted steps of the stairs leading up to my parents’ bedroom. I held in one hand the handset of the corded telephone that I’ve dragged out from the room. Luckily,

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It’s Never Too Late for the Late Bloomers

late bloomer

An “Old” Man’s Passion In the early 2000’s, I was an idealistic and enthusiastic graduate student in London. It was a time in my life when I was at the peak of being an extroverted introvert. I would spend most of my days in the laboratory, doing my experiments, working as hard as I can to ensure that I would finish graduate school in the prescribed amount of time. At the end of my days, I would often meet friends,

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15 Inspirational Movie Quotes That Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

inspirational movie quotes

It was in the early 1990s when I first saw the movie Dead Poets Society. My sister and I saw the film using my family’s trusted Betamax player. We probably only had one reason why we wanted to see this film. I’ll tell you the reason in two words: Ethan Hawke. That was enough then to make us see a movie about “dead poets”. But as I watched the film, I became enthralled. John Keating, the English teacher of high

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