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Do Work That Has Meaning or Find Meaning in Your Work

Do Work That Has Meaning or Find Meaning in Your Work - Life Notes to File

I’ve been on a 2 and a half month hiatus from writing and I’m not going to make any excuses. My break was really unplanned but the holidays, frequent illnesses within my family and changes in my priorities encouraged my inactivity. During the first few months of my blogging, one of the very first things I learned from seasoned bloggers such as Darren Rowse from Problogger is that persevering with blogging for at least one year (or more) is as important

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14 Thought-Provoking Inspirational Quotes

14 Thought-Provoking Inspirational Quotes - Life Notes to File

In my previous blog post Nurturing Your Ideas, I told you about my love of inspirational quotes. There are hundreds if not thousands of inspirational quotes that epitomize the power of words, the power to heal and inspire. In this post, I would like to share with you some of the thought-provoking words of wisdom that I have encountered recently. On living a meaningful life, by the Dalai Lama: What is important is not so much how long you live as

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In Search of Contentment

In Search of Contentment - Life Notes to File

Do you remember the last time you felt content? Contentment is that state of being where you know you just have enough. When you’re content, you don’t need any more or less. However, contentment seems to be so elusive or at least, difficult to sustain. In this world of excess, the idea of contentment is not often mentioned compared to success, fame, more money and material possessions. But let’s talk more about contentment. Why? Because being content means not exhausting

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What You Need to Do to Make This World a Better Place

What You Need To Do To Make This World a Better Place - Life Notes to File

I was on the phone talking to my mother the other day. Instead of our usual conversations about what’s going on with our family, we got into discussing about how much technology has changed over the years. Eventually, we reminisced about our past family trip in the early 1990’s to Epcot in Walt Disney World in Florida. The Spaceship Earth ride that we took was especially memorable, to see the depiction of life in the future and the forecasted advancements

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14 Free and Simple Things You Can Do to Instantly Make You Feel Better

14 Free and Simple Things You Can Do to Instantly Make You Feel Better - Life Notes to File

Have you experienced moments in your life when you just need something to instantly make you feel better? Such as when things are not going as you’ve planned or when the world just seems to be going against you. Perhaps, you’ve already reached the end of your limit, have ran out of patience, or your frustration level is at its height. I know you’ve been there and I share your struggle. There are many simple things that we do in

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