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15 Inspirational Movie Quotes That Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

It was in the early 1990s when I first saw the movie Dead Poets Society. My sister and I saw the film using my family’s trusted Betamax player. We probably only had one reason why we wanted to see this film. I’ll tell you the reason in two words: Ethan Hawke. That was enough then to make us see a movie about “dead poets”. But as I watched the film, I became enthralled. John Keating, the English teacher of high

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Finding in Others Your Purpose in Life

purpose in life

Are you still looking for your purpose in life? Perhaps you’ve tried over and over again looking within you, searching for what you’re meant to do in life. Have you considered finding in others your purpose in life? The Wise Man in the Plane While I may be at times an anxious person, I was never an anxious flyer. I’ve been on many flights in my life. I’ve enjoyed the whole process of traveling by air. The infinite buzz in

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Lessons I Learned from the Most Inspirational TED Talks of All Time

inspirational ted talks

I’ll admit it. I’ve spent many waking hours watching TED talks, one after the other, in search of knowledge and inspiration. TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, is a nonprofit organization that started in 1984. TED’s mission is to spreads ideas through powerful talks. TED now has a repository of hundreds of talks. I would like to share with your some lessons I learned from the most inspirational TED talks of all time: #1 How Great Leaders Inspire

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10 Cartoons with Heartwarming and Inspirational Messages

inspirational messages

There’s only one reason why I would open up the Sunday newspapers when I was young. Amidst some of the sensational, one-sided and grim news, I’ve found solace in the comic strips often found in the lifestyle pages of the newspaper. It was my habit to take out the page containing the comic strips from the broadsheet newspapers that were delivered to our house very early in the morning. The comic strips often depicted the funny side of everyday life.

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Life Lessons from Six-Word Stories

six word stories

One of the beauties of life is that we’re able to learn life lessons from the people and the experiences that we encounter as we live through it. We can also learn life lessons from the simplest of things such as six-word stories. What is a six-word story?      The Legend of the Six-Word Story Legend has it that eminent novelist, short-story writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway wrote his shortest novel, a six-word story, while having lunch with at The

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